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COVID-19 UPDATE (MARCH 23, 2021)

SOCAPA is confident that we can run our summer programs safely and successfully in 2021. The current fail-safe plan is to have non-vaccinated students quarantine at home before coming to SOCAPA (info for vaccinated students here). They will need to take a PCR test 72 hours prior to arriving at SOCAPA and provide proof of a negative test result before check-in. Students will then have a quasi-quarantine at SOCAPA for the first 4 days of the program.

All of our residential sessions will begin with a 4-day quasi-quarantine, a.k.a. “Best Quarantine Ever!” This will be four highly structured days where you:
  • choose to stay in either in a single room (safer) or double room with a buddy (more fun), the choice is yours
  • have a mix of online and outdoor (socially-distanced with masks) classes and activities
  • get to know your classmates, teachers, and future roommates
  • explore campus and the neighborhoods around campus by foot in small, socially-distanced groups
  • start generating ideas for and writing your SOCAPA projects
  • collaborate as teams on fun group assignments
  • fall in love with the trailblazing masters of your art form through a SOCAPA-curated series of movies, slideshows, clips and presentations. We’ll supply the popcorn and ice cream
  • rehearse, write, rewrite, plan and dream big

Again, students must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of their Sunday arrival at SOCAPA. Students will then have three days of remote and/or outside classes, movies, assignments and quarantine activities. SOCAPA will prioritize outdoor activities as much as possible these first three days. On Wednesday, day 4, students will test again. As soon as students get negative results, they can exit quasi-quarantine, start in-person classes inside and move in with roommates. Yay, relative normalcy!

After quarantine, SOCAPA will form small pods or "households" and have limited indoor social interaction between pods. Pods will be made up of classes, with one or two small classes forming a pod. Students will only share rooms with their classmates and they will sit next to their roommates in class.

We anticipate that quaranitne requirements and community infection rates may change, hopefully for the better, between now and when your camp session starts. SOCAPA continues to monitor the situation and will follow the Field Guide for Camps based on the "Residential Camp" policy recommendations set forth by the the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the American Camp Association (ACA) and the YMCA of the USA. More details here.

COVID-19 Update:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I see my child during camp?

Yes! We just ask that you limit your visits to meeting outdoors in the fresh air. We recommend a walk in the park or across the campus green.

What kind of Covid-19 test do we need? Who pays for it?

SOCAPA only accepts PCR tests; we do not accept antigen tests. Families are responsible for arranging a PCR test for their child that occurs within 72hrs of their arrival at camp. Many states provide free PCR testing sites. Additionally, many insurance companies cover the cost of the test but this first test is the families responsibility. SOCAPA will arrange and pay for the second PCR test that occurs on day four of the camp. Any further testing or medical bills will be the responsibility of the family and/or their health insurance provider.

What happens if my child tests positive before arriving at camp?

If you cannot provide proof of a negative PCR test issued within 72 hrs of your child's arrival at camp, then your child will not be permitted to attend camp. We will refund 50% of tuition fees and 25% of room and board fees in the form of camp credit. For this reason and the safety of our community as a whole, we highly recommend two full weeks of quarantine or low-risk activities before your child comes to camp.

What happens if my child tests positive at SOCAPA?

If a student tests positive at camp and has either no symptoms or mild symptoms, they will continue to quarantine and participate in classes and activities remotely. If they have severe symptoms, they will need to go home or be transferred to professional care.

What if I expect to be fully vaccinated before the start of the summer session?

We are offering separate start dates at our NYC campus for students who will be fully vaccinated by the time their session starts. In this case, vaccinated students can forgo the quarantine and start indoor classes as normal on the first day! Three-week sessions for vaccinated students start on June 27th and July 18th and have (VACC) in the course name. We expect to have more guidelines for vaccinated students at our Vermont campus soon.

We hope you will join us!