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Updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


May 27th,  2020


We the closure of our last campus, the SOCAPA Mountain Camp, we no longer have any in-person programming or camps for Summer of 2020. Please consider our Online Virtual Camps . . . check this link!

May 18th,  2020

Pace Manhattan Campus Closure Announced

Pace University has notified us that they are extending the closure of their NYC campus until the end of August. SOCAPA will not operate in New York City or Los Angeles this summer. For our Online Virtual Camps . . . check this link!

May 7th,  2020

Online Summer Sessions Announced

SOCAPA has been hard at work designing virtual versions of our most popular summer intensives. We expect to announce details on our online summer programming by early next week. We will have a number of two week options starting June 15, June 29 & July 20. Stay tuned and check this link!

April 29th,  2020

Campus Closures and Reduced Sessions Announced

It is with a sad heart that we announce the following closures by our host campuses.

Campus Closures

April 27th,  2020

Payment Deadline Extended to May 15th!

We have been very busy this last week with our 72hr Online Family Film Slam which ended last night at 6:30pm. We expect to make some important decisions on our summer programs by the end of this week, on or before May 1. Please do not make any payments towards this summer until you are requested to do so. We will update you soon. Thank you for your patience!

Open Cancellation Period Extended until May 1st

See below for information on how to take a rain check or request a refund.

April 17th,  2020

Cautiously Optimistic!

We still planning for summer. We have been in continued communication with our host campuses and we are all cautiously optimistic that our summer programs will still run. That said, we also understand that this pandemic has greatly affected your lives and has added a level of difficulty and uncertainty in planning for the months to come.


With that in mind, for families who would like to take a “rain check” on their summer program, we have created an open cancellation period for the next 10 days, until April 29th. During this time, when you login to your online account, you will see a “rain check” icon next to your camp dates on your registration statement. If you click this icon, you will be given three options.

  1. TAKE A RAIN CHECK: You will be credited in full for any payments in the form of camp credit. This “rain check” can be used toward any future SOCAPA programs, later this summer or for seasons to come, and can even be transferred to other family members, friends, or donated to your school auction. This “rain check” never expires.

  2. REQUEST A REFUND: We hope that you will choose to “Take a Rain Check” and help support SOCAPA through this financially difficult time, similar to purchasing a “gift certificate” to your favorite restaurant to help them through the forced pandemic closure. However, during this “open cancellation” period, you may instead request a refund. For check, cash, money order and bank check payments, we will issue a full refund, less an $85 cancellation processing fee. For credit card and wire payments, there will be an additional 5% processing fee to help cover bank, registration, and refund fees.

  3. DONATE TO SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Each year SOCAPA offers over $50,000 in scholarships to families in need, working with other organizations like the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and Step Up to Excellence, to name a few, to make SOCAPA a possibility for kids who otherwise would not have the means to attend. Please consider supporting this wonderful program and help make a child’s dream come true.

If you would like to request a rain check or a refund, we ask that you do so no later than April 29th. This will help give us a better sense of what our enrollments look like before our May 1 payment deadline. For individual cancellations after May 1, the nonrefundable deposit will go back to being nonrefundable. If SOCAPA is forced to cancel, the above Rain Check and Refund Policy will still stand.

Again, it is our hope that you are in position to "wait and see" with us. We expect to have more information on the status of our summer programs in early May. We do not expect to make any major decisions on consolidating or cancelling sessions until at least then.

March 24th,  2020

We are still hopeful about the summer!

We remain hopeful that our summer camps and intensives will still run but we are planning for best and worst case scenarios.

March 11th,  2020

We are optimistic that our Summer 2020 Camps will still run!

While we understand there is a lot of uncertainty with regards to the new Coronavirus/COVID-19, there is currently no disruption to our summer camp schedule! We have been in close contact with our host universities and, at this point, they all plan to stay the course and remain open for the summer while implementing stricter cleaning and disinfecting regimens for public spaces. As we say in this business, if possible, “The show must go on!”

Of course, the number one priority at SOCAPA is the safety and well-being of our students, staff, their families, and the community at large. We will be closely monitoring the outbreak and will take cues from the World Health Organization, the CDC, our host universities, and the state and local health officials where we operate. At this time, we do not expect to make any major decisions with regards to the summer until the end of April. As the world has witnessed, even just one week can bring dramatic changes in how much the virus spreads or how much it is contained. We expect to have a more comprehensive understanding of the virus and and how it will affect our summer schedule in four to six weeks; we feel it would be premature to make any decisions until then.


Deadline for Final Payments extended to May 1st.
We have pushed the deadline for final payments from April 1 to May 1, 2020.

Registration Deposit Policy Updated
Although we would still like families to register for our Summer 2020 Camps & Instensives, we have relaxed our registration deposit refund policy. For any cancelations between now and May 1, we will issue either a full refund less an $85 cancellation processing fee or we can hold the entire payment amount as camp credit which can be used toward any future SOCAPA programs. Also, there will be no change fees until after May 15th for families who wish to change to other sessions or campuses of the same duration or longer.

And as always, our policy has been to refund 100% of fees for any camps we are forced to cancel for any reason, Coronavirus or otherwise. In six weeks, if the situation has not improved and is not forecast to improve, we may make a decision to cancel certain sessions or all summer sessions. In this case, families will be issued full refunds*.

* Full refunds will be issued less a 5% payment processing fee for credit card payments/refunds and less bank fees for wire transfers. Payments made via check, cash, money order and/or bank check will be refunded in full.

Cancelations Due to COVID-19

University Prevention and Action Plans

Cancelations Due to COVID-19

Feel secure that when you sign up for SOCAPA and must cancel for reasons related to the coronavirus that your deposit will be refunded in full*.

Cancelation Due to Quarantine

We understand, if your family or camper has been advised to be self or mandatorily quarantined, please contact our admissions office for a full refund*. We will need to speak with a family member or be referred to official documentation requiring the quarantine.

Cancelation Due to Illness

Students who are sick or show signs of the virus should send us a note from their doctor advising us of their illness. A refund will be granted in full*.

Cancelation Due to Campus Closure

There is a small risk that because SOCAPA is hosted at Colleges and Universities in some of the largest cities of America, administrations or governments may make make decisions about closing campuses that are outside SOCAPA's control. In the event of campus closure we would refund all payments in full. As we monitor the situation we will keep parents informed of any changing circumstances and if there is concern of campus closure.

Additionally, each of our host Universities is monitoring the situation and taking the neccessary precautions to keep their students and their summer guests safe. Please refer to University Prevention and Action Plans for detailed information.

* Full refunds will be issued less a 5% processing fee for credit card payments/refunds and less bank fees for wire transfers. Payments made via check, cash, money order and/or bank check will be refunded in full.

University Prevention and Action Plans
Manhattan, NY - Pace University

Brooklyn, NY - Feirstien/Pratt

Los Angeles, CA - Occidental College

Burlington, VT - Champlain College