Los Angeles, CA Housing and Meals

Students can choose to live on campus or attend SOCAPA as a Day Student.

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Day Students:

Students who live locally or who have friends/family to stay with in Los Angeles are welcome to attend the program as Day Students. Day Students commute to campus each day and return home each evening and thus do not pay the Room & Board portion of our fees. However, day students are required to purchase lunch meals from Occidental College meal hall and the fee will need to be paid at the beginning of the session.

Depending on the program, most class activities begin at 9am and end at 5pm, Monday through Friday, though some programs have occasional evening or weekend commitments, as well.

Meal Plan

Occidental College policies require all Day students to purchase lunch meals through the Occidental College meal hall. Day students are charged an additional Meals and Activities fee of $185 per week of attendance to cover the cost of lunches in the cafeteria, access to Occidental campus, and tickets or entrance fees for class and extracurricular activities. All meal fees must be paid on-campus, at the beginning of the session.

Extra Curricular

Day students are encouraged and welcome (but not required) to attend any of our structured evening and weekend activities at no extra charge.