New York City Housing and Meals

Students can choose to live on campus or attend SOCAPA as a Day Student.

Residence Halls:

SOCAPA New York City utilizes two residence halls: New York University's Othmer Residence Hall on Metrotech Commons in downtown Brooklyn and Pace's 33 Beekman Residence Hall in the heart of lower Manhattan.

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NYU Othmer Residence Hall:

The Dorms

New York University's Othmer Residence hall features two bedroom suites which house four students, two per room. Each suite has a private bathroom, shower and sink. Amenities include rooms that are wired for Ethernet (need to bring your own cable), WiFi broadband access, and central air conditioning. The Dorm also has study rooms, student lounges with TVs, a computer room with internet access, 24-hour security, card-operated laundry facilities, and great views of Manhattan.

On Thursday afternoons, Celebrate Brooklyn hosts blues, funk and reggae concerts on the Metrotech Commons. Previous acts have included The Wailers of Bob Marley fame. There are nice restaurants on the Commons including Chipotle, Metro Cafe, Starbucks, Five Guys Burgers and an Au Bon Pain.

Meal Plan

SOCAPA's meal plan in Brooklyn includes an opening night dinner on the town and three meals a day Monday through Friday. SOCAPA students are responsible for their own meals on weekends. Most of SOCAPA's meals will be held in NYU's modern dining hall, a great place to meet and chat with new friends. Located at the north end of the first floor of Rogers Hall, the new dining facility seats approximately 300 individuals and has a nice view of the Metrotech Commons just outside. Due to the cafeteria’s shortened summer hours, most dinners are provided via vouchers from SOCAPA for meal packages at nearby restaurants on the Commons.

How much is Room and Board?

Day Students:

The Dorms

Students who live locally or who have friends/family to stay with in New York City are welcome to attend the program as Day Students. Day Students commute to campus each day and return home each evening and thus do not pay the Room & Board portion of our fees.

Depending on the program, most class activities begin at 9am and end at 5pm, Monday through Friday, though some programs do require occasional evening and weekend commitments as well.

Meal Plan

Day students are charged Meals and Activities Fee of $65 per week which allows them access to the cafeteria for lunches, Monday - Friday. Day students also have the option to bring a bagged lunch, or eat at any number of the numerous resturants surrounding campus. Resident students do not always choose to eat in the cafeteria, so day students will have plenty of friends to eat with in the surrounding area.

Extra Curricular

Day students are encouraged and welcome (but not required) to attend any of our structured evening and weekend activities at no extra charge.