Burlington, Vermont Housing and Meals

Students can choose to live on campus or attend SOCAPA as a Day Student.

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Day Students:

Students who live locally or who have friends/family to stay with in the Burlington area are welcome to attend the program as Day Students. Day Students commute to campus each day and return home each evening and thus do not pay the Room & Board portion of our fees.

Depending on the program, most class activities begin at 9am and end at 5pm, Monday through Friday, though some programs have occasional evening or weekend commitments, as well.


Day students should plan to begin the program on the afternoon of the first Sunday of their session, just as residential students do. Schedules and important information is shared during this orientation, and students will also meet their classmates and teachers.

Depending on the program, most class activities begin at 9am and end at 5pm, Monday through Friday. Most programs require at least one or two nights of evening work (editing time, night shoot time, etc.), and some 3-week programs also require students to attend 1 of their final weekend days, such as during a longer shoot day for filmmakers and actors. Students are responsible for following their individual program schedule and respecting that others are counting on them to be there for early call times, evening production meetings, etc. They should also note that schedules may change due to weather, special events, or other circumstances, and watch for communication from campus about these changes. Day students do not have residential staff to remind them of changes, so they’re responsible for paying attention to knowing where they’re supposed to be for class or events.

Evening activities typically run from 7pm to 10pm, with some variance. The break between when class ends and evening activities begin is a dinner break when residential students might shower, change, nap, get supplies for their film or photo projects, buy dinner, work on the songs they’re writing, etc.

Meal Plan

Day students are charged Meals and Activities Fee of $55 per week which allows them access to the cafeteria for lunches, Monday – Friday, and covers the cost of entrance passes for shows or events that we might attend as a camp in the evening. Day students should be prepared to purchase their own dinner when joining us for the evening. Meal tickets may be purchased from our ResLife office.

Dorm Access

Day students in Burlington are welcome to be in the dormitory until about 10pm on same-gender floors and common areas such as the ResLife office or Rec Room. However, they will not have key access to the dorm. They will need to call the office to sign in in the morning, and/or ask a friend to let them in when they enter at other times through the day.

Extra Curricular

Day students are encouraged and welcome (but not required) to attend any of our structured evening and weekend activities at no extra charge.