Wishbone's Financial Aid Application Deadline: December 8th

There's still time to apply to SOCAPA as a Wishbone student!

Friday, November 03, 2017

If you live in New York City, Connecticut, or Los Angeles, we recommend that you explore scholarship opportunities with Wishbone. This organization helps low-income students from these areas afford summer programs like SOCAPA's with a combination of fundraising, sponsorships, and the help of an Adult Advocate from outside your family. If your application is approved, Wishbone can help you to raise up to 100% of the funds that you need. Please visit the Wishbone site to learn more about eligibility and how to begin!

SOCAPA partners with Wishbone, and if you apply through them you'll create a SOCAPA profile as a part of your application process. Please do not submit any direct applications to SOCAPA, as this will create dual records.

Please note that students must be eligible for free or reduced lunch and live in certain geographic areas to apply for a Wishbone scholarship.