Music Summer Intensives


SOCAPA’s Music Program focuses on developing songwriting and musical performance skills. Vocalists and musicians all create their own original songs during the program, and are introduced to the professional workflow of music production— from song conception and developing their individual artistic sound, to writing and workshopping their lyrics and music, to music video production—and everything in between! All students then perform an original song that they’ve written and arranged at the end of camp during our Final Showcase. Core and Advanced Students also record their songs at a professional studio.

Studio writing and playing time is complemented by experiencing live performances, meeting accomplished musicians, and more, all in the heart of New York City or Los Angeles, home to Beck, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Eagles, No Doubt, the Black Eyed Peas, Tom Waits, Weezer, the Beach Boys, Van Halen . . . the list goes on and on.

Required Experience And Audition Guidelines
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Music Overview
Sing/Songwriters play in New York City

Core Music, 2 & 3wk

Refine your craft through daily lessons in song writing and composition as a Singer/Songwriter, or riff it as a member of the House Band in collaboration with your peers.

Course details:

  • Offered in New York City, Los Angeles & Vermont
  • Length: Two or Three Weeks
  • Projects: Record a Song, Live Performances, Music Video (3wk Only)

Course is good for:

  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Ages 13-19
Sing/songwriter plays his guitar

Music Boot Camp, 1wk

Want to improve your chops as a Singer/Songwriter? Write multiple songs in a single week, with help from professional lessons in song conception, arranging and lyric composition, in this fast-paced SOCAPA music intensive.

Course details:

  • Offered in New York City and Los Angeles
  • Length: One Week
  • Projects: Live Performances

Course is good for:

  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Ages 13-18
Sing/songwriter plays his guitar

Advanced Music, 3wk

Return singer-songwriters! Hone your songwriting skills while taking master classes and crafting your performance techniques.

Course details:

  • Offered in New York City
  • Length: Three Weeks
  • Projects: Record a Song, Live Performances, Recorded Performance

Course is good for:

  • Advanced
  • Ages 15-19


Students in the music program take classes in music history, theory, business, and recording in the morning. In the afternoon, they receive private and group instruction, as well as attend master classes and workshops in a variety of topics such as: improvisation, starting your band, stage presence, and more. Attendees write/arrange at least one song per week of attendance and students in our Core two or three-week program record at least one originally written/arranged song during the program. Students in the three-week program will also shoot a music video for one of their songs. Field trips to see live music and local hallmarks of the music industry are planned as well.

Teen plays piano with instructor at Los Angeles Summer Music Camp


There are some necessary tools students must possess in order to be successful at SOCAPA.

For All Students:

An intermediate knowledge of music theory as it relates to major and minor scales, key signatures, and time signatures is important in our fast-paced learning environment. While we mainly focus on written chord symbols, a basic knowledge of reading music notes is also helpful. Above all, a deep passion for music and an understanding of basic musicianship is imperative in the life of any aspiring musician.

For Singer/Songwriters:

Students may be self-taught, but we recommend at least one year of musical training. Vocalists should have an understanding of the voice as it relates to breath control and breath support and be able to sing harmonies and melodies independently. Vocalists should also be prepared to perform before an audience. Most singer/songwriters are also able to accompany themselves, though students may apply as singers only and collaborate on their songs with others.

For The House Band:

We recommend at least two to three years of experience playing one or more instruments, and at least one year of formal musical training. Students must be able to play ascending and descending major and minor scales, and to transition easily between different keys. They must also be able to play melodies and rhythms by ear on their respective instrument.

Musicians perform for a music video

Audition Video Guidelines

SOCAPA asks that all music students include a link to a sample of their musical work in the "registration details" section of our application. This can be a link to a video on YouTube, Vimeo, a personal website, or something similar. Please be prepared to share a video that:

  • Is 1-4 minutes in length
  • Features your performance abilities
  • Is of any video quality (phone recordings are acceptable)
  • We look forward to seeing your wonderful work!

    Music Faculty

    SOCAPA offers small classes and an accomplished teaching staff comprised of industry professionals with recent and ongoing experience as musicians, performers and educators.

    Sample Work

    We are incredibly proud of the work our students create at SOCAPA. Check out some sample recordings and music videos below or explore an actual Student Music Portfolio!

    Student Recordings

    Alexa Ford: On the Edge

    Spencer Shangrow: All About You

    Mia Rashap: Shine

    Cristina Amador: Half Full

    Victoria Ruszczyk:
    In the Midst of the Night

    Sabrina Lugo & Khaya Cohen:
    Take Me to the Sea

    Hadley Frazier: Silver

    Hadley Frazier: Animal

    Music Videos

    I Won't Hold You Down - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Manhattan Campus Helium Balloons - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Manhattan Campus I Know - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Brooklyn Campus What You Think of Love - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Manhattan Campus Blue - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Manhattan Campus Letter to You - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Manhattan Campus Shards - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Brooklyn Campus Go - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Manhattan Campus Gravestone - SOCAPA Music Video, New York City, Manhattan Campus City So Fine Last Night I Miss You I Could Tell Heaven on Earth
    Khaya Cohen