Online Classes & Workshops

Online Classes

Weekend, afterschool, and year-round online classes and workshops for high school students.

Winter 2024 Session Dates - Six Week Courses

WINTER SESSION TWO: Week of FEB 25 - Week of APR 08

  • Live Instruction

    All online classes feature instruction in real time with our top faculty from the Ivy League, NYU, Columbia, USC and AFI.

  • Innovative Classes

    SOCAPA has been running summer camps and workshops designed to inspire creativity and provoke passion in teens for two decades. Get ready to experience a “life-changing” online experience, tried and true, from the safety and convenience of your home.

  • Collaborate & Build Friendships

    Join other teens from around the world who share your passion for the arts. SOCAPA and “creative collaboration” have always been synonymous. From writing roundtables, to collaborative online projects, to peer-led critiques, to final showcase celebrations, SOCAPA will continue to emphasize the importance of building relationships with other young artists and will facilitate creative collaboration, now more than ever.

Afterschool and Weekends

During the school year, SOCAPA offers four sessions of six-week courses designed to fit around and complement your high school schedule: two sessions during the fall semester and two sessions during the spring semester. Each six-week online course is the equivalent of a SOCAPA two-week, in-person intensive in terms of curriculum and creative projects. Students have a course load of approximately eight hours per week on average: four hours of class time with their instructor and an additional four hours of creative time devoted to preparing for and completing their assigned projects for the course.

Mentor with Working Artists

Student filmmakers creating a lip dub video

SOCAPA's instructors are all professional working artists from Ivy League universities such as NYU, Columbia, USC and AFI. The best in their field, SOCAPA's instructors foster truly life-changing experiences and mentorship to their students.

Having first taught at SOCAPA's in-person summer camps, each instructor brings a commitment to a positive and welcoming artistic environment, creativity, collaboration, and real-world artistic development.

Two students shooting film with slate in NYC

Each course has four hours of Main Block instruction per week, either in one 4hr block on Saturday or Sundays, or in two 2hr blocks after school on Monday/Wednesdays or Tuesday/Thursdays . In addition to the Main Block of scheduled class, students are expected to put in, on average, an additional four hours a week of Creative Time. Creative Time will look different depending on the class but generally it is time students need to set aside and devote to writing, shooting, rehearsing songs, watching film clips, editing and working on collaborative projects in smaller groups with classmates outside of the Main Block class. We also recommend signing up with a friend to extend your collaborative work offline outside of class.

Learn by Doing

teens on a film shoot at Brooklyn Bridge

The best way to learn is by doing, and SOCAPA's online classes are no exception. From a shooting a short film, to writing and composing a song, or rehearsing a short play, each class is designed around the development of one or more project.

You can find tons of examples of work created by SOCAPA students at our Portfolios page.



SOCAPA appreciates that most states are allowing smaller gatherings of less than ten or twenty people who come from the same town, neighborhood, or "trusted circle". With that in mind, we think it makes sense, if possible, for students to sign up with a sibling, a friend, or even an acquaintance from their school who may share their interest. In this scenario, the students could attend classes either together or separately online but could then work together in-person on some of the collaborative projects like film shoots, dramatic scenes and song recordings. Sign up with a friend, a sibling or a schoolmate and our instructors will organize and facilitate creative projects for you to work on together.

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