Los Angeles, CA campus

Students in the Los Angeles program enjoy the advantages of being in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. Chosen as home base by the film industry because of its nonstop sunshine and beautiful scenery, Hollywood has become synonymous with making movies. Not only is Los Angeles the center of the world's film industry, but it also plays a central role in dance, music, fashion and art. Trips are planned to the Walk of Fame and Universal Studios (one of the most renowned of the Hollywood studios), the pier, boardwalk and amusement park in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Visiting filmmakers and actors from the industry drop by at least once per session to screen and talk about their work.

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SOCAPA's Summer Programs in Los Angeles are hosted at Occidental College, one of the oldest and most beautiful college campuses in the West. Situated just across Griffith Park from Studio City and Universal Studios Hollywood, Occidental's Eagle Rock neighborhood has a cozy, suburban feel while being close to all the action of the big city. "A small town in the big city, Eagle Rock is a multicultural neighborhood with upscale restaurants, coffee shops, and art galleries." (LA Times)


SOCAPA provides evening and weekend activities for boarding students ranging from a relaxing cool off swim after a productive and exciting day of class, to karaoke night with friends in the lounge or a viewing of the summer blockbuster hit. Weekends are filled with a sampling of LA's excitement: a fun day at Universal Studios, walking around Hollywood, and getting dinner out on the town. SOCAPA brings together the best parts of summer- having fun with friends and seeing and experiencing new places- and a productive learning experience.