Core Music

2 & 3 week
  • 2wk....$2195
  • 3wk....$3195
  • New York, Los Angeles
  • 13-19


SOCAPA’s Music Program provides development in music performance through the Singer/Songwriter intensives with the vocalist or house band option. Students experience playing at the professional level, from song conception - writing and workshopping the lyrics and music - to music video production and everything in between. Students write/arrange, perform, and record their own music.

Students in the music program take classes in music history, theory, business, and recording in the morning. In the afternoon, they receive private and group instruction, as well as attend master classes and workshops in a variety of topics such as: improvisation, starting your band, stage presence, and more. Students have time during class to work on writing songs which they are then able to share with their teachers and peers to receive immediate feedback. Attendees write/arrange at least one song per week of attendance and record at least one originally written/arranged song during our two and three-week programs. Students in the three-week program will work with SOCAPA's Advanced Filmmaking class to shoot a music video for one of their songs. Field trips to see live music and local hallmarks of the music industry are planned as well.

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The Singer/Songwriter intensive provides development in the discipline of popular music. Instruction consists of group workshops and individual coaching in melody, harmony, arranging, lyric writing, and stage presence. Each student will have the opportunity to write and arrange an original song to be performed live.

Teen musicians perform in the socapa band


While most students sing and accompany themselves on their original songs, students who do not play an instrument or who do not sing but who are interested in writing song lyrics and music can apply. All students in the music program will attend the same classes and produce the same outcomes (recordings, videos, etc). However, the singers will not only write their own original songs, but also perform with other students in the class as appropriate. Likewise, students who would like to focus on playing and not singing can apply and become part of the House Band, which will play with the other students on their original songs during recording sessions and live performances. The House Band collaborates individually with the many singer/songwriters to refine, record and perform several original songs. Band members gain experience arranging and performing in different genres of music. House Band students join the Singer/Songwriters for all classes and spend each day songwriting/arranging and rehearsing. House Band students will also gain experience recording in a professional studio as a “session musician.” Session dates are limited depending on enrollment and needed instrumentation.

Teen drummer records at the studio


  • Acoustic pianos will be provided.
  • A Drum Set will be provided.
  • House amplifier and mics will be provided.
  • Note: Guitars, basses, keyboards and additional amplifiers will not be provided. Students are welcome to bring their own set that will be kept in a securely locked studio.
Los Angeles actors and filmmakers celebrate after seeing a movie


Every evening, Monday through Friday, we plan an activity for the students, whether it be a barbecue on campus, a dinner in the city, a cool-off swim, a theater/musical performance, or a film screening. On the Saturday afternoons that are not devoted to shooting and performing, we organize a group excursion. This could include a trip to a museum, the beach or a show in the city. Past evening and Saturday excursions have included trips to Coney Island Amusement Park, live tapings of MTV's TRL, outdoor concerts (The Roots, OCMS, TV on the Radio, etc.), Universal Studios, Pilobolus Dance Group at the Joyce, Disco Bowling, Broadway Shows such as Spring Awakening, Hair, Rent and Avenue Q, Six Flags Amusement Park, Fourth of July Fireworks, Bryant Park Film Screenings, and off-Broadway hits such as Fuerza Bruta and Stomp, to name a few.

Actress Melissa Leo visits the New York City Campus


At least once per session, SOCAPA invites a top industry professional from the New York or Hollywood film or performing arts scene to come to campus and lead a master class for all students, regardless of focus. Some past guests include Academy Award-Winning actress Melissa Leo (The Fighter, Frozen River, 21 Grams), writer/director John Hamburg (I Love You Man, Along Came Polly, Safe Men, Zoolander, Meet the Fockers, Little Fockers), actor Luis Guzman (Traffic, Boogie Nights, Punch Drunk Love, Carlito's Way, Anger Management), writer Hawk Ostby (Iron Man, Children of Men, Cowboys and Aliens), actor Brendan Sexton III (Empire Records, Welcome to the Dollhouse), the four lead characters from American Teen, filmmaker Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Raising Victor Vargas), actor Sarah Clarke (TV show 24, Thirteen) screenwriter Andrew Marlowe (Air Force One, End of Days, Hollow Man), director Morgan J. Freeman (Hurricane Streets), comedian Matt Walsh (The Daily Show, Bad Santa, Upright Citizens Brigade), and the cast of Hair and Spring Awakening on Broadway.


Record a Song

In the two-week program students have the opportunity to write, refine, and record a song. Recorded songs are uploaded to our server and available for students to download or listen to once the program has ended, so they can share their work with peers, family, and friends.

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Music Video (week 3)

All musicians dream of having their very own music video. Music videos are an undeniable part of our culture and an enormous accomplishment for any musician. Three-week musicians get the chance to work with students in the film program to create a music video of their own, original work. In addition to having written and recorded the song, musicians get to meet with their filmmakers to discuss their creative vision and are very much collaborators in the process. Music videos are uploaded to our server and are available for students to share with friends, family, or as an impressive part of an application to a school or job.

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3-5p: Rehearsal time and Private Coaching
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7-9:30: Live Concert in Park
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7:30 – 8:30a: Breakfast
8:45a: Meet for Attendance in Lobby
9a-12p: Rehearsals
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1-5p: Writing, arranging, rehearsals
5:30 – 6:30p: Dinner
7-9p: Week One Showcase; Live performance
  Karaoke Fest
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10a: Leave for day’s outings and Street Performance
Lunch and Dinner – Student’s Choice
7-10p: Evening Show on the Town
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8:30-9:30a Breakfast
10-1p: Writing/Rehearsal/Prep for Talent Show
1-4p: Afternoon Activity(Park, Beach, Museum, Shopping)
6–9:30p: SOCAPA Talent Show
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