Dance Summer Intensives

Core Courses:
Core Dance - 2-3wk
By Portfolio Application:
Dance Conservatory - 3wk


SOCAPA’s Summer Dance Program is a Contemporary Jazz and Hip-Hop intensive geared towards learning cutting-edge choreography at an accelerated pace in preparation for professional-quality dance videos shot by SOCAPA staff. Students also work in small groups to create their own routines that are featured in live theater performances. Specialty classes are also offered in Breakdancing, African, Musical Theater, and more.

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Recommended Experience And Assessment Day
Dance Overview


Choose which style you prefer to have more classes in: Hip-Hop, Contemporary Jazz, or Both Equally. All students receive instruction in both styles but will focus on one style for the Dance Video. Which style this is depends on a number of factors such as enrollment, student experience/level, and indicated preference. Students are encouraged to state their preferred style when they enroll, and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.

SOCAPA Dancers perform for the final showcase

Core Dance, 2 & 3wk

Students learn one or two stylized pieces of group choreography through which they have the opportunity to focus on technique and form. These group pieces are professionally shot and edited by SOCAPA staff and make for a slick demonstration of your skills. In addition, students have the opportunity to take class with guest teachers, headshots and dance shots with SOCAPA photographers, and create unique pieces of student choreography in small groups which will be performed live at the final showcase.

Course details:

  • Offered in New York City, Los Angeles & Vermont
  • Length: Two or Three Week
  • Projects: Dance Video, Student Choreography, Headshots (3wk Only), Second Dance Video (3wk Only)
dance studio life magazine

"Learning In Reel Time!"

SOCAPA is featured in Dance Studio Life's February issue! Karen White interviewed instructors Aushi Oskarsdottir, Ashley Rich, and Megz Alfonso, along with SOCAPA dance alumni, and gave a fantastic write-up of our dance program! Check out the article "Learning In Reel Time" to read more, including what Ashley and Megz each took from their own on-camera experiences on So You Think You Can Dance!

Teen Dancers at high school dance program

Dance Boot Camp, 1wk

A fast-paced intensive that introduces students to the discipline of dance at a professional level. Students work on a single piece of choreography that will be transformed into a dance video to take home as well as performed live at the final showcase.

Course details:

  • Offered in New York City, Los Angeles & Vermont
  • Length: One Week
  • Projects: Dance Video, Student Choreography
New York City teen dancers perform in summer dance video

Dance Conservatory, 3wk

For Advanced students only, the three-week Dance Conservatory program provides individual coaching in solo choreography and technique. Students leave the program with a polished solo performance video to send to agents, submit to college or conservatory applications, or send to family and friends.

Course details:

  • Offered in New York City & Los Angeles
  • Length: Three Weeks
  • Projects: Dance Video, Student Choreography, Headshots, Solo Dance Video
Dancers perform choreography at Champlain College, Vermont


To round out the curriculum and provide students with a creative outlet, SOCAPA Dance students are assigned a choreography project and work in small groups to prepare a short, original piece. There is allotted time to work on the project outside of class and faculty guidance when needed. Dancers perform the class choreography, as well as their original work, on stage for a live audience in conjunction with the Acting Program’s scene presentations. In this way, students gain invaluable experience in both commercial and concert styles of dance and performance.

Dance Faculty

SOCAPA offers small classes and an accomplished teaching staff comprised of industry professionals with recent and ongoing experience as performers, educators and choreographers. Drawn from some of the top universities and dance programs, including Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center, NYU and The Boston Ballet School, and having taught and performed all over the world, the instructors at SOCAPA guide the students through the Program with delicacy, energy and skill.

New York City Dancers perform contemporary jazz choreography


SOCAPA offers Intermediate to Advanced dance intensives for teens. All applicants should have at least two to three years of consistent training. Students should dance a minimum of three hours per week and ideally have experience in a variety of disciplines. Students should be familiar with basic dance terminology, be able to demonstrate Jazz technique and/or be comfortable with fundamental Hip-Hop movement principles such as isolations and groove. Most importantly, students should be eager and prepared to dance between 5-6 hours a day and be open to learning new styles while pushing themselves physically and mentally.

Vermont Dancers during assesment class


There is a placement and assessment class on the first day of the session; students are evaluated by the SOCAPA Dance faculty and assigned to a group based on skill, performance, enrollment, and the dancer's preferred focus (Contemporary Jazz or Hip-Hop). While all classes are taught at their respective level, instructors work hard to cater to each student's individual needs.

Classes are taught to the highest level in the class, while each student is supported and challenged. Our seasoned staff is adept at creating choreography that will showcase each student's abilities while challenging the group as a whole.

Sample Work

We are incredibly proud of the work our students create at SOCAPA. Check out some sample Dance Videos below or explore an actual Student Dance Portfolio!

Contemporary Jazz Dance Videos

Change is Everything - SOCAPA Dance Video, NYC To Build a Home - SOCAPA Dance Video, New York City Shot Down - SOCAPA Dance Video, LA Hourglass - SOCAPA Dance Video, NYC Crave You - SOCAPA Dance Video, Los Angeles Ending - SOCAPA Dance Video, NYC Made for loving you - SOCAPA Dance Video, LA

Hip-Hop Dance Videos

Get Ugly - SOCAPA Dance Video, NYC Formation - SOCAPA Dance Video, NYC Hey Mama - SOCAPA Dance Video, NYC Pass That Dutch - SOCAPA Dance Video, New York City Don't Tell 'Em - SOCAPA Dance Video, Los Angeles IKO - SOCAPA Dance Video, VT Rock This - SOCAPA Dance Video, New York City