Online Virtual Camps | Film, Music & Screenwriting

Online Virtual Camps

SOCAPA will be holding our most popular workshops with our top instructors online this summer!

Limited space available!
  • Live Instruction

    All virtual camps will feature live “synchronous” instruction in real time with our top faculty from the Ivy League, NYU, Columbia, USC and AFI.

  • Super-fun Camps for Creative Teens

    SOCAPA has been running summer camps designed to inspire creativity and provoke passion in teens for two decades. Get ready to experience a “life-changing” summer experience, tried and true, from the safety and convenience of your home.

  • Collaborate & Build Friendships

    Join other teens from around the world who share your passion for the arts. SOCAPA and “creative collaboration” have always been synonymous. From writing roundtables, to collaborative online projects, to peer-led critiques, to final showcase celebrations, SOCAPA will continue to emphasize the importance of building relationships with other young artists and will facilitate creative collaboration, now more than ever.


Online Virtual Camp Schedule

Our TWO-WEEK ONLINE SUMMER INTENSIVES will feature two daily blocks: a Main Block and a Creative Lab Block. Students can choose to schedule the Creative Lab Block before or after the Main Block, designed to give start and end time flexibility to families in different time zones. Please note that all times are schedule EST (Eastern Standard Time) which is East Coast time. For example, classes that start at 11am EST in New York City will start at 8am PST in Los Angeles.



Main Block will feature the core content, lectures, screenings, discussions, and critiques for the whole class of 8-10 students. Main blocks will be scheduled consistently from 11-3pm EST with a 30-minute lunch break at 12:45pm.


CHOICE OF 9:30AM - 11AM OR 3PM - 4:30PM EST

Students will have the option to choose from one of two Creative Blocks either scheduled before or after the Main Block. This will allow students in different time zones to customize the schedule to best suit their needs. Creative blocks will feature collaborative work in smaller groups, one-on-one advisements with instructors, and individual writing and production time.


While the continued ban on large gatherings is expected to make overnight summer camps less feasible and less safe in 2021, SOCAPA does expect most states to allow smaller gatherings of less than ten or twenty people who come from the same town, neighborhood, or "trusted circle". With that in mind, we think it could make a lot of sense for some students to sign up with a sibling, a friend, or even an acquaintance from their school who may share their interest. In this scenario, the students could attend classes either together or separately online but could then work together in-person on some of the collaborative projects like film shoots and song recordings.

Online Summer Offerings

SOCAPA is excited to announce the following online offerings in 2021. This is just a start — we are hard at work developing courses for all of our disciplines so please check back for new sessions and programs.

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