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2 & 3 Weeks
Ages 13-18
New York | Los Angeles | Vermont

In our Fusion Dance intensive, intermediate to advanced dancers study technique by learning choreography for a professionally shot dance video, and design their own student choreography in small groups. Contemporary and Hip Hop techniques are both taught in this intensive, and the choreography for the video uniquely blends movements from Ballet, Lyrical, Modern, Jazz, and Hip Hop styles. Three-week students have the opportunity to do a second video with a smaller group, ensuring more camera time for each dancer and featuring their names in the credits (great for auditions and reels). All students perform their student and group choreography for friends and family at our end-of-camp Final Showcase.

Video Dance

Bring your dance to life with costuming, make-up and a video dance experience like no other. From a Dumbo loft to the Venice beach boardwalk, perform on location with a professional film crew.

"with the explosion of video dance providing opportunities for commercial and amateur dancers alike, it’s important that dancers understand the technical requirements of dancing on camera... SOCAPA lessons include absorbing lessons in onscreen performance... adapting to unusual dance environments... and understand the boldness required when performing for the back row of an audience vs the subtlety necessary when a camera is inches from your face."

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Change is Everything, SOCAPA produced dance video - 2017 thumbnail
This is my Hair, SOCAPA produced dance video - NYC 2018 thumbnail
To Build a Home, SOCAPA produced dance video - 2017 thumbnail
IKO SOCAPA produced hip-hop dance video - 2016 thumbnail
Shot Down, SOCAPA produced dance video - 2015 thumbnail
Five More Hours, SOCAPA produced dance video - NYC 2018 thumbnail
Ending, SOCAPA produced dance video - 2017 thumbnail
Get Ugly, SOCAPA produced dance video - 2016 thumbnail
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Experience Level

Fusion Dance is an Intermediate to Advanced dance intensive for teens. All applicants should have at least three years of consistent training. Students should dance a minimum of three hours per week and have experience in a variety of disciplines. Students should be familiar with basic dance terminology, be able to demonstrate Contemporary technique and be comfortable with fundamental Hip-Hop movement principles such as isolations and groove. Most importantly, students should be eager and prepared to dance between 5-6 hours a day and be open to learning new styles while pushing themselves physically and mentally.

Student Choreography

SOCAPA Dance students are assigned a choreography project and work in small groups to prepare a short, original piece to be presented at the final showcase. Students are responsible for everything from music selection to costuming, and are encouraged to explore tempo changes, transitions, floor work, phrasing, and partner work. There is allotted time to work on the project in and out of class and faculty will be there to guide you through the process and push your work to the next level.


Los Angeles

Students in the Los Angeles program enjoy the advantages of being in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. Chosen as home base by the film industry because of its nonstop sunshine and beautiful scenery, Hollywood has become synonymous with making movies.


New York City

SOCAPA New York City is centered around two neighboring campuses, one in downtown Manhattan at our Pace University campus in the South Street Seaport area, and the other in downtown Brooklyn at New York University’s Metrotech Campus.



SOCAPA Vermont is hosted at Champlain College, situated in the picturesque city of Burlington, Vermont. Champlain's campus is perched in the historic Hill Section, overlooking the breathtaking Lake Champlain and the surrounding Adirondack Mountains.

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