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SOCAPA has limited funds available to help with the cost of tuition to our programs. SOCAPA cannot provide assistance toward Room and Board or Travel to camp. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of family need and program need, which means that there may be more funds available for our programs and sessions that are not full and for which we would like to increase enrollment. Your flexibility will likely result in your ability to receive more funds. If you are only interested in and available to attend one particular location/session, there may not be funds available for that specific time/location. There may, however, be funds available for the program in a different location and time of the summer.

Application Deadline: Applications are reviewed on February 15th, March 15th and April 15th
Notification: Families will be notified of the committee's decision within two weeks of the review via email.
Typical Scholarship Awards: Awards range from $250 - $1000.

Unfortunately, we do not have scholarship funds available for our international students.
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photo students learn lightroom at summer camp
How to Apply for a SOCAPA Scholarship

You do not need to submit the $500 registration deposit when you apply for a scholarship. If your attendance is contingent on receiving a certain amount in scholarship awards, you should not pay the deposit. If, however, you are determined to attend regardless of how many funds are available for you and you want to secure your spot in a program, you should pay the deposit, knowing that you are committing to attending the program and that the $500 non-refundable registration deposit will ensure your spot.

You will need to collect the following items and submit them to our Admissions office. Please carefully follow the directions and be sure to include all components at one time. Also keep in mind that your scholarship application is a presentation of your desire to attend the program. Being organized and thorough shows us that this is important to you.

Incomplete applications are not reviewed.
How to Submit Application and Materials

    1) Sign Up for the camp you would prefer to attend.

    2) Continue the application process online but do not pay the $500 non-refundable deposit if attendance is contingent on financial aid.

    3) Submit all required documents for the online application

    4) Create a single PDF file containing all of your Scholarship application materials.

    5) In your new SOCAPA user account click the box titled "Scholarship Application" to upload the single PDF file.

Application Materials

Student Statement

Please describe what you hope to gain from your time at SOCAPA and what you will contribute to the program.

Parent Statement

Please provide any additional information you believe important in our assessment of your family's need. In addition, please provide a realistic estimate of how much you can contribute to the cost of the program. Please remember that SOCAPA cannot help with Room and Board or Travel.

Statements without this estimate will not be considered.

Applicant's Report Card

A copy of a report card from a marking period within the last calendar year. An official transcript is not necessary.

Letters of Recommendation

Please submit two letters of recommendation from two non-related adults. One of these should be from a teacher.

Tax Returns

Please submit the first page of Federal Form 1040 for both parents.

Additional Materials

You may also include any other supporting materials that you feel would strengthen your application.