Production Lab

2 week
  • 2wk...$2,295
  • Vermont
  • 13-18


Join a group of like-minded filmmakers with a single mission - to make the most compelling and polished short film at SOCAPA. In Production Lab, students work as a group to make one short film, with each student having the option to specialize in one element of film production. While collaborating with classmates on their film, students learn valuable lessons in script workshopping, preproduction, casting and auditions, shot listing and location scouting; technical skills from camera to sound, as well as post-production editing, sound design and color-grading. Bring your creativity and collaboration skills!

Contribute your own talents to the group!

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Summer Film Camp Curriculum


The start of the program focuses on script analysis and pre-production. Students attend classes on film theory and screenwriting each morning, and during the afternoons participate in collaborative workshops on producing, technical operation of camera and sound, and directing. As students begin work on their short film, each may apply for key roles of the production such as director or cinematographer by presenting their ideas for the film to the class. Roles are then assigned based on the class’s vote. Students may also specialize in departments such as set design, sound, or camera work, and gain valuable expertise in one role of the film’s production or rotate among several roles. Every student contributes their talents and effort to making the group film its absolute best, and each day brings unique hands-on experiences.

Summer Camp Final Film Project


The Production Lab intensive provides students the opportunity to develop a single 6-8 minute group film under the guidance of our knowledgeable and accomplished instructors. A script will be chosen from a collection of short scripts or written as a group.

Pre-production responsibilities, including script breakdowns, scheduling auditions, location scouting, or shot listing, will be divided among the group. Students will be responsible for completing their tasks and sharing results with the group.

During production, students may elect to focus on a single department - camera, sound, lighting, set design, etc. - or rotate through departments to experience them all.

Altman Film

Known as an "actor's director," Robert Altman had a reputation that attracted many notable actors to collaborate as part of his large casts - "he provides them with the freedom to develop their characters and often alter the script through improvisation and collaboration." The SOCAPA Altman Film challenges a group of young filmmakers to come together to collaborate on one project, each contributing his or her own unique talents to create one outstanding short film.

Burlington, VT

Jul 21 - Aug 03, 2019 (Session 4)
Room & Board:
13 - 18