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Request College Credit Transcripts

Alumni who received college credit prior to 2015 were provided credit through Long Island University (LIU) and should use the information below for obtaining your transcript.

Students enrolled in college credit for 2015 and after will receive their credit and transcript from Marlboro College.

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Marlboro College

Detailed instructions on requesting transcripts through Marlboro College can be found on the Marlboro College website.


Unofficial Transcripts

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to access your grade and print an "unofficial transcript" by first activating and then logging into your myLIU account.

Official Transcripts

When it comes time to send "official transcripts" to colleges, you may do so by filling out LIU's Online Transcript Request Form. There is a nominal fee of $7 per "official transcript" request.


When to Contact SOCAPA:
If you simply cannot activate your MyLIU account, then please contact the SOCAPA office as there may be a problem the Social Security number or Date of Birth that we have on file.

When to Contact LIU:
What should I do if I activate my account and do not see content? If after activating and logging into your My LIU Account, your My LIU does not have any menus or content on it, contact the Center for Student Information. Our telephone number is 516-299-3967. We will resolve this problem for you and notify you shortly when you can reactivate your account. If you have further questions about the SOCAPA program and its partnership with LIU contact the office of Non-Traditional Student Programs at 516-299-2431.