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Earn College Credit (High School Juniors and Seniors)

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Through a special partnership with Marlboro College, students in SOCAPA’s Filmmaking, Acting, Music, and Photography programs can earn three college credits upon successful completion of a Core or Advanced three-week program, and Dance students can earn college credit through our three-week Dance Conservatory program. These three week courses have been designed to meet college level accreditation standards and have been approved by Marlboro College for students to receive three general art credits for an additional fee of $465.

Most universities accept transfer credits from other accredited institutions. If you are keenly interested in attending a specific school (or two), we recommend contacting their registrar’s office to determine if they would accept the credits from Marlboro. In our experience, nearly all schools have accepted these credits as general art credits.

Unfortunately, college credit is only avaliable to US Citizens at this time. Additionally, students must have completed at least their sophomore year of high school in order to be eligible.

How to Apply

You must be enrolled in a three week Filmmaking, Acting, Music or Photography course, or the Dance Conservatory. Simply click on “I would like to receive 3 college credits” when you register, or through your existing account.

  • You must provide your US Social Security number. College Credit is available to US Citizens only at this time.
  • You must have completed at least your sophomore year of high school.
  • There is an additional fee of $465.

Once you have successfully completed your three-week SOCAPA program, your teacher will grade you and recommend you for credit. We will submit your paperwork and fee to Marlboro. Once the paperwork has been processed (usually mid-late September), you will be notified, and then you will be able to request an official college transcript through Marlboro College. Transcripts will not be automatically sent.

Why take a course for credit?

Your college application:
Many colleges want to know if the students they accept will be successful in the college environment. Taking a pre-college summer intensive like SOCAPA’s programs is one indication that you are. Being able to check off that you have taken a college-level course on the Common Application and submitting your official Marlboro College transcript certainly bolsters your college application.

Extra credits in your pocket:
You never know when having three extra credits in your pocket may come in handy once you go off to school.

About Marlboro College

Marlboro College is a fully accredited small liberal arts school in southern Vermont. Home to 300 undergraduates, Marlboro empowers students with the freedom and responsibility to create an individualized course of study in collaboration with faculty members and to participate in a self-governing community. Instead of traditional majors, students pursue a self-designed Plan of Concentration based on their academic interests that culminates in a major work of scholarship. Marlboro College offers degree programs in Dance, Music, Theater, Film/Video and Photography.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply?

Simply choose to take your three week program for college credit (You can choose the option during the registration process or after you have registered, up to 2 weeks before the start of camp). What is required? You must successfully complete one of our eligible programs. You must have a US Social Security number. There is an additional fee of $465.

Do all students receive college credit if they choose to?

You must successfully complete the program. If you do not successfully complete the program (get sick and have to leave early, do not finish the assignments, etc.), you will not be able to receive credit. Your fee will be refunded.

How much is it?

The fee for three college credits is $465.

Will the credits transfer to the college or university that I eventually attend?

Marlboro College is a fully accredited college. They have other programs for which high school students can receive college credit and they have not had a problem with their credits transferring to another accredited school. That said, it is a good idea to contact the registrar of any school you may be interested in attending to check. All schools have different criteria for transferring credits.

Will I receive a grade?

Yes. At the end of your session, your teacher will provide a grade and a written evaluation. Your grade will be on your transcript.

How do I request a copy of my college credit transcript?

Detailed instructions on requesting transcripts through Marlboro College can be found on the Marlboro College website.

How did you come to have this arrangement with Marlboro College?

We previously had a similar relationship with Long Island University, but three years ago their Office of Non-Traditional Students closed. Our founding director has worked with Marlboro College faculty on various projects spanning over the past 25 years. A number of Marlboro College graduates have come to work at SOCAPA in the summer and conversely many of SOCAPA’s students have gone on to take classes at Marlboro. As such, Marlboro faculty have come to know our program and the work our students do during our summer intensives. We submitted course outlines and syllabi and Marlboro faculty approved our three week programs in Filmmaking, Acting, Photography, Music and Dance Conservatory for three college credits.