Dance Boot Camp

1 week
  • $995
  • New York, Los Angeles, Vermont
  • 13-19


The one week dance intensive introduces students to the discipline of dance at a professional level. Students focus on one style and work to quickly learn the choreography of a full-length piece, which they perform on a dance shoot as well as for a live audience. Even in this short time students are guided in creating a unique piece of choreography in small groups. This is also performed live at the final showcase.

Dance Faculty

SOCAPA offers small classes and an accomplished teaching staff comprised of industry professionals with recent and ongoing experience as performers, educators and choreographers. Drawn from some of the top universities and dance programs, including Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center, NYU and The Boston Ballet School, and having taught and performed all over the world, the instructors at SOCAPA guide the students through the Program with delicacy, energy and skill.

1 Week Dance

  • Student Choreography
  • Dance Video

2 Week Dance

  • Student Choreography
  • Dance Video

Student Choreography

To round out the curriculum and provide students with a creative outlet, SOCAPA Dance students are assigned a choreography project and work in small groups to prepare a short, original piece. Students are responsible for everything from music selection to costuming, and are encouraged to explore tempo changes, transitions, floor work, phrasing, and partner work. There is allotted time to work on the project outside of class and faculty guidance when needed.

Dance Video

Cutting-edge choreography combined with professional-quality cinematography and editing make for an instantly compelling dance video to share with friends and family or to use as an audition piece.

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