Digital Photography Boot Camp

1 week
  • $1195
  • New York, Los Angeles, Vermont
  • 13-19


The One Week Digital Photography Boot Camp is the perfect introduction to street and studio photography when precious summer time is limited. From day one, students will have a camera in hand, completing a variety of photography projects in the studio and on the street. Shortly thereafter, students will move to the computer lab to learn the basics of photo retouching in Adobe Lightroom and to build a professional online portfolio of their work.


With a focus on digital photography, students begin their week with an in-depth lesson in the workings of their digital camera. From there, students move quickly out of the classroom and into the field on Photo Safaris. Instructors take the students on field trips to interesting areas of the city where they will complete a variety of photography assignments, including landscapes and street portraits.

Students will also learn basic studio photography techniques through studio lighting workshops and open studio time when students have the opportunity to create interesting portraits of their classmates.

The program culminates in learning professional photo re-touching in Adobe Lightroom. Students will also create professional online portfolios to be hosted on the SOCAPA website to share with family, friends and potential clients.

The Cartier-Bresson

Guided by lessons on composition, street photography and techniques for safely and confidently approaching subjects, students will take to the streets, capturing candid portraits, human interactions, architectural street scenes, and urban details. This assignment takes its name from Henri Cartier-Bresson, an early 20th century master of street photography and father of photojournalism, who coined the expression the "decisive moment." Practice of the "decisive moment" encourages students to capture that fleeting creative instant in which everything in the frame comes together to create the best possible image. Through this exercise, students will build an awareness of framing, light, color, form, line, and pattern and will learn to make a multitude of aesthetic choices, to create technically strong compositions.

Los Angeles actors and filmmakers celebrate after seeing a movie


Every evening, Monday through Friday, we plan an activity for the students, whether it be a barbecue on campus, a dinner in the city, a cool-off swim, a theater/musical performance, or a film screening. On the Saturday afternoons that are not devoted to shooting and performing, we organize a group excursion. This could include a trip to a museum, the beach or a show in the city. Past evening and Saturday excursions have included trips to Coney Island Amusement Park, live tapings of MTV's TRL, outdoor concerts (The Roots, OCMS, TV on the Radio, etc.), Universal Studios, Pilobolus Dance Group at the Joyce, Disco Bowling, Broadway Shows such as Spring Awakening, Hair, Rent and Avenue Q, Six Flags Amusement Park, Fourth of July Fireworks, Bryant Park Film Screenings, and off-Broadway hits such as Fuerza Bruta and Stomp, to name a few.