The Fragile Fabrication of Morality - Kurosawa |
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The Fragile Fabrication of Morality

Director: Seth B.
Kurosawa: VT 2015 - Session

A business man is trapped in the woods after trying to tear it down to build a development. The bad become the good and the good become the ugly.
Emma G. as... Business Assistant
Olivia D. as... Business Owner
Ellie B. as... Girl with Nora
Nora R. as... Girl from woods
Will G. as... Business Man
Director of Photography: Seth B.
Boom OP: Molly S.
1st Assistant Camera: Avery M.

Special Thanks
Thank you again to Miguel Silveira for teaching me so much and helping me grow as a film maker! Also thank you to Zerabruk Caballaro for being such a great TA!
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