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As a frontrunner of the DANCE FILM movement since making our first dance video in 2003, SOCAPA is thrilled to see the recent explosion in popularity of Dance Films and the rise of film festivals dedicated solely to showcasing the art form. Here are a few of our favorites.
Dance on Camera Festival
Dance On Camera Festival

New York City

Inaugurated in 1971 and Presented Annually at Lincoln Center in New York City since 1996, Dance On Camera Festival remains the longest-running dance film festival in the world, providing a platform for choreographic storytelling and creative expression, and intimate access to innovative media artists and their cinematic works.
Dance on Camera's new #mydancefilm competition is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers to get their work seen via Instagram and potentially screened at the prestigious Lincoln Center if chosen as a Winner. SOCAPA's dance film "i did it" was chosen as a winner for the festival in 2019.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival
San Francisco Dance Film Festival

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Dance Film Festival (SFDFF) is a multi-day international event showcasing the best in dance film from around the world. With the recent additions of VR/360 films, live performances, gallery installations, and screenings of live captures from the world’s great stages, SFDFF has become one of the most respected and influential dance film festivals. The festival now awards cash prizes and produces a touring reel to expand the reach of its programming. SFDFF also offers workshops specifically geared towards learning the process of creating and capturing dance on film, including workshops to learn the art of editing.

Dance Camera West Festival in Los Angeles
Dance Camera West

Los Angeles, CA

Dance Camera West aspires to awaken and infuse the public mainstream with a desire for critical creative programming. The vision of DCW is to present the visual language of dance on screen in a way that stretches the imagination and changes the way we think about dance. DCW is also committed to commissioning and creating opportunities for new dance film work. As part of an effort to support this art form, DCW pays screening fees to all selected filmmakers.

Mobile Dance Festival
92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival

New York City

The Mobile Dance Film Festival invites you to submit your mobile dance film for the second annual MDFF. Films must be shot entirely on a mobile device: smartphones or tablets. Films shot with limited use (up to 40% of entire film) of drone and go-pro footage will also be accepted. MDFF has been created to foster and present the future of dance technology and filmmaking. By curating dance films shot solely on mobile devices the power of creating is in everyone’s hands, giving filmmakers and choreographers a chance to explore their medium through new technology.