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Applying To Film School - Interviews and Q&A's

SOCAPA alumni and staff reflect on their own experiences of choosing, applying to, and attending film schools.


Bianca Dansoh

University of Southern California (USC)

"I applied to 13 different film schools because I wanted to make sure that I had options, haha."

Alex Monto

Emerson College

"Definitely a great atmosphere, relaxed people, and everyone (I mean literally EVERYONE) is creative in some way."

Arielle Heiman

Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts (FSU)

"I take classes 26-30 hours a week, in addition to working on 4-5 one minute films every weekend and doing other homework assignments."

Andrew Ruiz

Columbia University

"Everyone's reason for selecting a school is half logic, half gut. I picked Columbia (MFA) because of the dedication to story over style, and the holistic nature of the education."

Aron Romanoff

Syracuse University

"I went with Syracuse because after months of deciding, it was really the only one that felt like a fit. At such a crucial period in the growing-up aspect of life, that's what I felt was important"

Madeline Bhaskar

University of Southern California (USC)

"I believe that I was picked not because I was the best writer they have ever seen but because of my own personality, interests, and my life experience."